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Product update: Going beyond the grades with our new markbook

The latest update to the Firefly markbook, gives teachers the visibility they need to support their students and help them go further every day.

A teacher’s markbook is a key element in their day to day practice, allowing them to track and monitor the progress of their classes and individual students. However, sometimes simply seeing a grade or a mark does not provide the full picture of that particular assignment or piece of work.

As teachers then, how can we better understand how a student’s understanding has evolved and what has taken place in the learning journey of the individual? Traditionally this would entail using a markbook, alongside the students’ exercise books in order to see what feedback was given and how the individual responded to it - a process which is both time-consuming and complicated. Surely there is a better way?

Born for schools, Firefly always puts pedagogy first. Inspired by teachers, Firefly’s ongoing product design is committed to supporting the inherently fluid and chaotic nature of modern learning. We believe in liberating every teacher, by giving them the the tools and understanding they need to guide and adapt the learning journey in their own way.

To help give time back to teachers and provide them with better insights into their students, we are proud to announce the new version of the integrated Firefly markbook. This latest update to the markbook gives teachers greater visibility of homework within the markbook itself. 

View all of the activity associated with a task in one-click

Selecting an entry in their markbook allows teachers to view all of the activity associated with that assignment; from the original task set, to the student’s homework, the teacher’s feedback and comments, and any further collaboration between student and teacher, it is now even easier for teachers to view the history of an individual student’s assignment with a single click.

Our new markbook helps teachers to go even further with Firefly, tracking learning experiences over time to gain visibility into what’s working – and know what to change and when – helping every student reach their full potential. 

Want to find out more? Get in touch using and our firefly team will be happy to help. 

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