Webinar: Rethinking your digital approach ready for September

Schools face numerous challenges - catch up, assessment, wellbeing as well as tight funding. The past year has clearly demonstrated how edtech has been an amazing 'emergency' service, but it really can do so much more to overcome these obstacles.

How can we move from a passive to a more interactive approach, where technology is weaved in as an invisible tool in our day-to-day practice? Now is the time to look at rethinking your approach, ready for the new academic year.

In this webinar, we look forward to hearing from Simon Luxford-Moore, Head of eLearning, and recognised edtech top 50 specialist at ESMS, and Mark Fitzsimons, Director of Studies at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, on how they have applied the SAMR model and the changes they are looking to make next year.


Join us to discover:

  • How these schools have implemented the SAMR Model
  • Which tools they are using for an interactive digital approach
  • What key lessons have they learnt



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