The Authoritative Guide for School Leaders

Distance learning: The Authoritative guide for School Leaders


Schools worldwide are moving to online teaching quicker than ever before, however, it still isn’t a consistent learning experience for all.

Only 30% and 57% of A-Level students in State and Private schools respectively are receiving work and feedback on their studies (Sutton Trust, 2020). Firefly's recent survey also found that 70% of schools did not feel confident to assess learning digitally. 

Quality feedback is an important aspect of learning. With this in mind, we share 4 key areas for leaders to consider when reviewing their digital learning strategy.

Download this ebook to discover:

  • How to prepare for distance learning
  • How to effectively share learning resources

  • How to track and assess students’ progress

  • How best to support parents and get them involved

Includes a practical checklist for learning continuity & more!

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