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#HeroesOfHomeLearning - Congratulations to all the winners!

#HeroesOfHomeLearning - What a sensational celebration of teaching and learning showing the brilliance, passion and creativity of schools.

We would like to thank everyone who got involved in this competition, including our 4 expert judges who had a tough decision to make! There were over 60 ideas submitted showcasing extraordinary achievements and 700+ votes! We’re very proud to be part of such a rich community who support one another - sharing inspirational content and ideas.

We had the privilege of speaking with all 4 winners - they disclose their reflections, tips and even videos for you to take away and apply in your own school!



Rethinking teaching and learning

Winner: ** Campbell College **, with 76% of the votes 

Idea: Using innovative digital tools for creative initiatives to spark student engagement.

Our judge Simon Luxford-Moore, e-learning coordinator at ESMS short-listed this idea because he ‘likes the breadth of technology being used to cater to all learning styles of audio, visual and kinaesthetic.’

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Engaging parents in the learning conversation

Winner: ** Campbell College**, with 88% of the votes
Idea: Supporting Parents with homeschooling through a dedicated help section

For this category, our judge Brian Taylor, Assistant Principal at Bangkok Patana thought that: ‘ As partners in the learning journey, parents need a swift and simple method to seek support. I like how Campbell College Belfast used a help section to support parents which, as a result, would positively impact student learning. ’

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Celebrating School Life Virtually

Winner: **Fairfield Prep School** with 47% votes

Idea: Bringing students together to celebrate an engaging virtual sports day


Our judge Georgina Bruce, Art Teacher from Balcarras School, loved the idea: ‘I really enjoyed the humorous news style explanation of the virtual sports day, including special guest star pundits! The message communicated a real sense of promoting togetherness.

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The Most Innovative 

Selected by Craig Kemp, out of 60+ amazing ideas!

Winner: The Grange School

Idea: Reassuring and supporting students with Audio Feedback 


Our judge, Edtech Consultant Craig Kemp selected this idea as he has seen that, with remote learning “the biggest complaints were connection, collaboration, feedback and workload. Seeing the audio feedback being used to help bridge the gaps made my heart warm.’

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