Helping schools respond to the impact of COVID-19

In light of the impact of COVID-19 with school closures and substantial disruption to learning, we will be granting free access to our Firefly platform for State schools until the end of the year.

Our LMS will enable schools and teachers to deliver engaging lessons remotely, (from setting tasks to sharing resources) as well as manage parent communication efficiently.

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How can we help right now?



  • Access resources virtually

  • Collaborate on learning remotely 

  • Get the feedback they need online


  • Collaborate and staying in touch with other teachers 

  • Manage their classes remotely

  • Track and share their students progress 


  • Keep abreast of the latest updates

  • Manage their child’s day

  • Minimize the disruption to their child’s learning

School Leaders

  • Reassure their school community

  • Provide continuity of learning 

  • Manage communications effectively

How schools are using Firefly

Campbell College in East Belfast has been using Firefly to keep learning going for their A level students. 

They share their experience with UTV live.





Resources for distance learning & parental engagement


Talk to us now and we can have Firefly up and running for you within days.

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Be up and running within days

Talk to us now to get Firefly set up for your school.